TCL LE50FHDF3010TA review

TCL LE50FHDF3010TA review

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TCL HDTV's are now being offered on Amazon. TCL is not a very widely known brand name, as they of course are a Chinese Manufacturer. They have been mainly a subcontract manufacturer for larger well known brands but have decided to market directly to consumers now.

This is a basic 1080p HDTV for a good to great price. Buying this will make you feel like you got a great deal and when everyone sees the great picture - you can brag about the price. Just don't brag about it being a no name TV! Actually TCL makes TV's for other companies (we won't say who) so you can tell them its just as good as their brand name TV

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This TV has Enhanced picture quality and Plug and play compatibility with Numerous inputs and outputs and USB and MHL connections for photo viewing. So that's what they say. I say you are getting standard features for a low low price. So really how can you go wrong?

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Best Buy Co, Inc.

Still wanting to know more? Check out the links on this page. Worried about shipping a TV from an online vendor? These TV's ship every day and a company like Amazon takes shipping seriously. If its broken, I would rather have a company like them to complain to than some small outfit. They will replace it, no questions asked especially if the shipping company breaks it. Heck we even think its a good idea. Its shipped right to your door, and you don't have to try to load it at the store and get it home. Some of you may not even have a large enough vehicle to haul this monster?? Go order one today just for me and Google!

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